Who I am

Being an independent contractor for the last two decades has taught me the value of planning carefully and meeting deadlines, but I also know what’s invaluable: having fun while doing it.

Besides being “and active socialite,” I’m a museum professional with degrees and broad experience, but I think it’s my extracurricular life experiences that enrich my work and keep things fresh—such as playing in bands, auto racing (crew, not driving), writing for Popular Mechanics, grilling a mean slab of ribs, driving a huge 1911 tractor, or plowing with horses. My furrows aren’t always straight but believe me, it’s an experience!

Originally from Athens, Ohio, I have a bachelor’s degree from Ohio University and a master’s from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I live in Ypsilanti, Michigan, where I work out of an office in a cool old 1880 house.

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