Areas of Expertise

My real expertise is learning new subjects quickly and distilling their essence. But if you want to know what subject matter knowledge I’ve gleaned over the years, this is a partial list in no particular order:

  • Automotive history—especially the Model T and Ford Motor Company, brass era, NASCAR, and the King Midget (if you have to ask, I might just have to tell you!)
  • Music, in particular traditional Appalachian music, bluegrass, swing, Les Paul, and Motown (I play fiddle, which explains some of this)
  • The development of radio and television technology (I once cataloged 5000 vacuum tubes. Mercifully I’ve forgotten how to date them.)
  • Thomas Edison and his work (that doesn’t mean I don’t love Tesla—calm down!)
  • People such as C. S. Mott (GM), Henry and Clara Ford, Edsel and Eleanor Ford, Les Paul, John Dillinger, Dr. Gerrit Judd (Hawai’i), the Wright Brothers, Virgil Exner, Victor Wouk, the Sisters of Mercy (the nuns, not the ones in the song)
  • 1830s medical and pharmacy practices (although I don’t pass myself off as an expert, I am familiar with the subject and I know how to fold a “paper” for pills or powders)
  • The Aston Martin DB5 of Goldfinger fame (I testified in a trial regarding the disappearance of one of the movie cars) and assorted James Bond movies
  • U.S. agricultural history and practices (a former board member of ALHFAM!)
  • General stores, including late 19th- and early 20th-century patent medicines
  • The history of Popular Mechanics and similar magazines, and the content of PM from 1902-2002. Yeah, Popular Mechanics. You got a problem with that?